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Apollo Pro

Apollo Pro

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Apollo Pro: Outpace the Ordinary 

Designed with the greatest performance, durability, and technology yet. It's a luxury vehicle created to let the most demanding riders push the limits of what's possible.

Here are some of its standout features: 

  • State-of-the-art display: Mount your phone onto the cockpit with one-click using a compatible Quadlock* phone case. Charge your phone wirelessly, while using the built-in navigation, ride analytics, and countless other features available in the Apollo app. Stay informed with an ultra-bright DOT display, equipped with anti-glare technology.

    Quad Lock Phone Mount
  • CommandTouch Throttles: Take control with Apollo Pro's CommandTouch™ throttles, designed for all hand sizes, offering maximum precision with a 50-degree rotation. Access Eco, Comfort, Sport or LUDO mode from the handlebar, featuring ergonomic, non-slip grips and glove-friendly buttons.

    Pro Handlebars
  • Personalized settings: Customize your ride by adjusting acceleration, braking, light colors, and horn sounds to suit your preferences. Navigate with ease using precise battery consumption estimates and access advanced diagnostics like battery health and riding statistics. Lock and unlock your scooter when parked.

  • Theft-protection: Track your scooter's GPS location with precision up to 10 meters (30 ft)2. Receive instant notifications on your phone if any tampering is detected, and enjoy the convenience of remote features like the kill-switch.

  • Built-in Speaker: Bring sound to your journey with Apollo Pro's 50 decibel horn, complete with customizable sounds. Deter thieves with an alarm activated in lock mode. And when parked, transform your ride into a portable speaker. An auditory companion for safety, security, and entertainment.

  • 360-degree Lighting: Illuminate your path with 360-degree lighting, ensuring complete visibility from 300 feet away. Stay safe and signal with ease using the built-in turn indicators on the handlebar and body. Lead the way with the brilliant 1000 lumen front headlight.

  • Strong Unibody Frame: Engineered with a unibody design, the Apollo Pro's frame is a single cast of aircraft-grade aluminum, characterized by sleek aesthetics and robust strength. Capable of carrying up to 330 LB, it's built to withstand tough use. With an IP66 water resistance rating, it's more than just a ride — it's resilience embodied.

  • Regenerative Braking: Apollo Pro's Power RBS uses regenerative braking to exert a smooth braking force using a variable braking throttle. It's part of a triplebrake system, enabling precise; swift, but controlled stops from 30 MPH. Power RBS significantly reduces mechanical brake use by 90%, and cleverly recharges the battery by up to 10% during riding.

    Power RBS Regen Braking
  • 10 inch Self-Healing Tires: Experience puncture-proof journeys with Apollo Pro's proprietary self-healing tires. Their impressive 12-inch diameter ensures unparalleled stability and comfort, while GripThread technology guarantees superior handling and efficient water dispersion.

  • Comfortable Suspension: Experience seamless rides with Apollo Pro's comfortable front hydraulic suspension, customizable with 16 dampening settings. The zero-maintenance rear rubber suspension balances comfort and durability, while the 12-inch self-healing tires excel in shock absorption.

  • High Performance: Unleash the thrill of 44 MPH speeds with Apollo Pro's powerful 6000W dual motor. Accelerate from 0 to 30 MPH in under six seconds, defying norms of personal transportation. Harness this power with the cutting-edge MACH 2 controller.

    Exploded View of scooter
  • Powered by the MACH 2 Controller: Experience the cutting-edge MACH 2 controller — the brain of the Apollo Pro. Custom-designed by Apollo, it delivers unbelievably smooth acceleration and deceleration. With 30% more power than predecessors and patented AirCool technology, it introduces the thrilling Ludo Mode.
    Mach 2

  • 1560 watt-hour Battery: Push boundaries with Apollo Pro's 1560 watt-hour battery, offering 100 KM (62 miles) of range in ECO mode. Samsung cells ensure a 30% longer life cycle, and a swift 6-hour recharge keeps your journey uninterrupted. Equipped with a smart BMS, 19 battery protections, and a UL Certification, it's not just power, it's peace of mind.

  • Smart BMS Connected with Apollo App: Apollo Pro's Smart BMS lets you monitor battery health through the Apollo App. Track charge cycles, cell performance, and more. With 19 protections*, it ensures battery longevity and scooter safety. Coupled with the battery's UL certification, this is the peace of mind you've been looking for.

With the Apollo Pro, every journey is a statement, a blend of power and elegance, control and innovation. From the unbeatable durability of its unibody frame to the intelligent connection through the Apollo App, every feature has been meticulously crafted to outpace the ordinary.

Join a community that knows no bounds. Be a leader, be fearless, be exceptional. Order the Pro today!

Apollo Pro

$3,299.00 Regular price $3,799.00


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