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Blue Armor-Dilloz Extreme - Scooter Tire Sealant

Blue Armor-Dilloz Extreme - Scooter Tire Sealant

Zoom Armor-Dilloz Blue Tire Sealant (8oz)
Zoom Armor-Dilloz Blue Tire Sealant (16oz)
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Blended and bottled in the USA at Armor-Dilloz headquarters in Miami, Florida!

High level of protection - good for all personal electric vehicles - insane performance at extreme speeds - enhanced to help with tube tires 

Using advanced sealant technology created for the military, Armor-Dilloz has crafted the world’s most amazing tire sealant line.  Blue ‘Dilloz offers incredible protection, as folks have come to expect from the Armor-Dilloz line of products.  This is the most extreme formula, made to maximize performance at high speeds, which is done by incorporating a high load of ballistic fibers, along with rubber platelets that vary in size, just like the White and Red product, but with the addition of a LOT of flow agent, allowing the product to continue moving well and flowing freely at higher speeds.  The Armor-Dilloz formula forms a physical plug in the tire, allowing you to continue to safely and reliably operate your device.  The Armor-Dilloz web-plug technology can seal many punctures or even large punctures.

This product was created specifically for tubeless and tube type Scooters, but it also works fantastic in EUC’s and E-Bikes - while the puncture size rating will vary with tire thickness and type - this level of performance is unrivaled by any competitor - if you are going over 30 MPH this is the product to use when performance is your priority!  

Blue 'Dillo includes a very high ballistic fiber load, the highest-tech suspension and wetting agents, high levels of our flow agent, a high load of variable particle size rubber platelets, and significant amounts of corrosion inhibitors to protect your tires and wheels.  Ideal for any e-device where you want maximum protection at speeds greater than 30 MPH.  Riders of e-devices that do not exceed 30 MPH should consider Armor-Dilloz White or Red sealant, as it is optimized for lower speeds and will provide superior protection in these tires.  Riders looking for a lower cost solution for all devices should consider Armor-Dilloz Green sealant.

Safe and highly effective in both tube and tubeless tires - as with all sealants, the performance will typically be lower in tube type tires, as their delicate rubber simply doesn’t allow for a lot of abuse.  Note that failures on tube seams, as well as cuts/tears of the tube, such as a pinched tube, are often not sealable by any sealant including ours. A patch kit is recommended for these cases.

Blue Armor-Dilloz Extreme - Scooter Tire Sealant



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