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Green Armor-Dilloz Protection - EUC & EBike Tire Sealant

Green Armor-Dilloz Protection - EUC & EBike Tire Sealant

Zoom Armor-Dilloz Green Tire Sealant (8oz)
Zoom Armor-Dilloz Green Tire Sealant (16oz)
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Blended and bottled in the USA at Armor-Dilloz headquarters in Miami, Florida

Great puncture protection - good for all devices - high value performance at high speeds and large volumes applications

Using advanced sealant technology created for the military, Armor-Dilloz have crafted the world’s most amazing tire sealant line.  Green ‘Dilloz offers incredible protection, as folks have come to expect from the Armor-Dilloz line of products.  This is the best value and most flexible formula, choose this product when high value performance at high speeds is needed. Incorporating a very high load of ballistic fibers, along with rubber platelets that vary in size, the formula forms a physical plug in the tire that will allow you to continue to safely and reliably operate your device.  Armor-Dilloz web-plug technology can seal many punctures or even large punctures. 

This product was created as a general high value high performance tire sealant for both tubeless and tube type tires.  While the puncture size rating will vary with tire thickness and type, this level of performance will not be beaten by any competitor - if you are going over 30mph, and want the value of our Armor-Dilloz Green tire sealant this is the product to choose, even in this line, performance is Armor-Dilloz' first priority!  

Green 'Dilloz includes a  proprietary blend of ballistic fibers, fast-flow  suspension and wetting agents, variable particle size rubber platelets, and significant amounts of corrosion inhibitors to protect your tires and wheels.  Ideal for any e-device where you want maximum protection at speeds greater than 30 MPH, and high volume applications.  Riders of e-devices that do not exceed 30 MPH should consider Armor-Dilloz White or Red sealant, as it is optimized for lower speeds and will provide superior protection in these tires.  Owners looking for the best solution for high speed devices should consider Armor-Dilloz Blue sealant.

Safe and highly effective in both tube and tubeless tires - as with all sealants, the performance will typically be lower in tube type tires, as their delicate rubber simply doesn’t allow for a lot of abuse.  Note that failures on tube seams, as well as cuts/tears of the tube, such as a pinched tube, are often not sealable by any sealant including ours. A patch kit is recommended for these cases.

Green Armor-Dilloz Protection - EUC & EBike Tire Sealant



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